Saturday, July 31, 2010

My First Knitted Baby Cap

My husband's dear aunt loves to knit. She knits 9 sets of baby caps and booties a month to give to a local hospital. When I first knitted, I only knew the knit stitch. She was determined that I was going to know how to make something more than dishcloths! She started out by letting me pick another dishcloth pattern, but showed me how to purl. She gave me awhile to practice. I made one scarf that was made out of chenille and is oh, so soft! When we were visiting, Aunt Beulah a few months ago, she went to the yarn shop that she loves so dearly, and bought me some circular needles. She gave me the pattern she uses and I couldn't believe the next day I was making something besides a dishcloth! My niece was getting ready to have her second little girl, so I got busy! The cap was ready on time, but I still have not mastered the booties. I started them about six times when I was on an airplaine, but didn't have the concentration I needed to do something new.

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