Friday, October 8, 2010

More About Think Pink and A Few Other Thoughts

Tomorrow is the first day of the three-day Think Pink Blog Hop.  I am excited to see what pink ideas the other bloggers have come up with to share with all of us!  As for my project, I am almost finished with it and it will be one of the prizes I offer to someone who stops by and leaves a comment.
When I signed on to my blog today, I saw I have twenty-one followers! Before last month's Orange Blog Hop with the Fiskateers, I think I had only three followers. Most of the new followers are as a result of that blog hop.  I did not require anyone follow my blog to win a prize, and don't ever plan to.  I would ratherthey because they want to, not because they might win something by doing it. The last few who decided to follow probably did so as a result of the Q and A I did with Karel, the organizer of Think Pink.  Thank you to all of you who are giving me a chance to share my love of crafting with you. Each time I see a new follower, it makes me want to improve my blog.
I thought I would share the Q and A Karel did when she featured me on her blog a couple of days ago for those of you who haven't seen it.  Obviously,  since this was on her blog, Karel is the "me" in the following:

It's almost here! The 1st annual THINK PINK Breast Cancer Awareness Blog Hop! I'm so excited and pleased with the wonderful bloggers who are sharing their creativity and talent! I'm featuring a couple of them every day between now and the Hop--it starts October 9 and runs all the way through October 11--three whole days to hop, hop, hop and help raise awareness.

My featured blogger today is Marianne. I first met her on the Cricut Boards, and now we are also together on the Fiskateers Boards. Both are great communities for crafters, and Marianne is one of the best! She told me a few things about's what she shared:

Me: When did you start crafting, and what are your favorite things to make?

Marianne: I have tried crafts from embroidery to macramé to weaving old chair frames starting around the time I was in 6th grade. "Modern" scrapbooking started for me about 15 years ago when a friend showed me pages she had made in a class at our local craft store. That is when my paper collection began! Like so many others, scrapbooking has led to card making. I also enjoy knitting.

Me: You're a versatile crafter! Why did you want to be a part of the THINK PINK Blog Hop for Breast Cancer Awareness?

Marianne: After being a 13-year survivor of breast cancer, we lost my mother-in-law five years ago. The cancer came back and spread to her bones. I still miss her every day. Last year her sister, my husband's wonderful Aunt Lois, was diagnosed and went through treatment. Aunt Lois is now faced with the fact that one of her three daughters, more than likely, will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Participating in the blog hop seemed like a good way spread awareness of the importance of early detection and to provide support to breast cancer patients and survivors.

Me: I'm so sorry about your Mother-In-Law, and your Aunt is in my prayers. Are there other Charities or Causes that you're involved with? You can give them a plug here!

Marianne: I am a supporter and beneficiary of Chronic Disease Fund (CDF). Without CDF, I would not be able to afford Copaxone, my once-a-day injection for Multiple Sclerosis, which costs $48,000 a year. CDF helps me by paying what my insurance does not cover. They are a non-profit organization which also supports breast cancer patients and patients with other types of cancer and other diseases. You can learn more about them at

Me: One of my niece's takes that for MS as well..I had no idea it was so expensive. Is there anything else you'd like the hoppers to know about you before the Day of The Hop?

Marianne: My project is not going to be a paper crafting project and I will be offering more than one prize on just my blog! So, hop for a good cause while you have fun, fun, FUN!

And I know she's right! You can find her blog here:

It is worth your  time to check out Karel's blog. She is sharing places you can find more information about breast cancer all month long, as October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Thank you so much, Karel!
Think Pink Blog Hop Sponsor
I don't want to forget Sarah at Pink Cricut who has generously donated a $25 gift certificate and is the official sponsor of the Think Pink Blog Hop.  Thank you so much, Sarah!
Now, just remember to come back tomorrow and have fun hopping!


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You are such fun! I love you already!

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Love this thing that you have done to get us hopping to the Doctor for our annual mamogram!

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Thank you for sharing part of your story with us Marianne and for being part of a blog hop for such a great cause :)

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