Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thank You Color Bok!

I had one happy little girl at my house yesterday!

Awhile back I filled out a survey from Color Bok and they sent me a plaster magnet Paint Me kit. It was so perfect for a project for me to have on hand for the next time my niece, Hannah, came to visit. When Hannah arrived, she had a scrapbook kit she had gotten for Christmas that she had not even opened because she wanted to scrapbook with Aunt Mari :-) It, too, was made my Color Bok. We had a dilemma on our hands! Do we scrapbook or paint? You can judge for yourself by these pictures of the happy girl I had on my hands!

Our Budding Artist

The Finished Masterpieces

Now we have some new pictures to put in that scrapbook the next time she is here!

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Summer said...

Looks like you two had some fun! TFS
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