Monday, September 27, 2010

Just for Fun...use your imagination!

The night I made the treat boxes for the boys (see below), my sister said she wanted a book marker with her name on it. I wanted to do something a little better. Awhile back Patricia had been telling me she really needs to get organized (who doesn't?). I told her just having my calendar in my purse and writing things down has always helped me so much. While searching for something else a day or so earlier, I found a 2010-2011 planner I had bought months ago with the intention of altering it. So, I altered that first and decided it needed a matching note pad and pen.

I spent less than $2 making this. The planner and note pad were each on clearance at Michael's for 50 cents when I bought them, and the pen is from a multi-pack I bought a couple of years ago. The paper was from the first RAK I ever won - a box of scrap paper that weighed over seven pounds! I was in crafty heaven! At the time I probably owned about 100 sheets of crafting paper. (How much do I have now? Uh...I don't think I'd better go there!)

After a rough work day, Patricia told me she was happy to see this on her table when she came home. It was a fun little project and it felt good that I happened to make it just when my sister needed a little lift! It just shows gifts don't have to cost a lot of money. Most people love things that come from the heart the most.

I forgot to take a picture, or if I did take one, it did not get saved correctly.

I used a pretty shimmering pink paper that had thin black stripes and stripes of small flowers. The calendar was in a plastic cover. I just added my paper over the paper cover, cut out a scalloped circle, put a white letter "P" with pink stickles on it and put some white ric-rak under the monogram and put it back in the plastic. I changed the orientation from landscape to portrait. The paper pad was one that has a cover with little magnet to hold it closed. It was done to match the calendar. The pen was a Pentel. The outer case is clear plastic. The end unscrews, so I took it off and wrapped the pen itself in the same shimmering pink paper and put the end back. There you have it...a quick, easy gift to help my little sister stay organized.

I hope you were able to look in your mind's eye and see what I have described! I had everything except the description written up when I realized I did not have the picture as I thought I did! Thanks for playing along!

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