Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just a Little Treat

My sister, Patricia, lives right behind me in my mom's old house. She has a normal life where she goes places every day! I often call on her for a quick stop at the store - usually for milk. That was the story for yesterday. She told me she would send my nephew, Nicholas, and his good friend, Levi, over with the milk. We were both starting dinner, so I told her to wait until after dinner and I would give them a little treat for delivering it.

Well, when dinner was over, I went into my pantry, that is well stocked with little treats, since I am a Costco shopper. I thought about what to give the boys as a delivery treat. Then I thought about of putting a couple of things in a brown bag and putting a fun little tag on it or something. Well, if I put it in a paper bag, I had to put more than two things, because it would look pretty empty. So, I picked out six things for each of them. Then went into my craft room to make a tag. Then I thought maybe I would find different little bags that I could decorate and make it more fun. My thinking kept growing until finally...I could make something on my Cricut with Tags, Bags, Boxes and More! I had wanted that cartridge for so long when I finally bought it, and had hardly used it (as is the case with a few of them). Quick, I sent Patricia a message, "don't send the boys over yet." Then to explain a little more, "I am making them a surprise."

Finally, I decided on that cute little popcorn box. Why put all of that work into a name tag? Make a bookmark!

About an hour and a half are their surprise boxes!

And, here they are enjoying their treats!

As if seeing their smiling faces was not joy enough for me, as they were looking at their goodies, Nicholas said to Levi, "See? I told you she always comes up with something good!" I asked Levi,"Did he really say that to to you?" Levi said, "Yes. He said you always give the best treats." Now my goal in life is not to spoil my nieces and nephews with stuff. I will be honest, this comment made my heart happy and made every second of the time I spent going overboard worth it!
Surprisingly, they did seem to enjoy their bookmarks as well as the candy and goodies. Most kids seem to enjoy having anything with their names on it. This just reminded me of it!
Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!


Tifany said...

These are so fun! Looks like the boys really enjoyed them!

You stopped by to ask about our table art. It is still there! We colored pretty hard so it would stay on well, and it has been staying well. It does come off a little when I wipe down the table, but it has been doing pretty good.

Thanks for stopping by!

Maya said...

Marianne, you are the best aunt ever! the treat boxes look fantastic! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Julie Overby said...

Super cute! What a great idea!

Tona said...

You are one special aunt ;)

Rebecca said...

That is so sweet Marianne! I'm sure the boys will have many fond memories thanks to you!